About Larga


Larga Sportsnet aims to be one of the top online storytellers for Horseracing and other Sports. We also aim for the advancement of the delivery of horseracing and sports news, events, and even opinions and editorials for aficionados, enthusiasts and fanatics alike. 

This website, and the other digital platforms of Larga is being ran out of pure passion to elevate the standards of writing stories for horseracing and other allied sports to provide a new taste in how these stories are made and delivered.

Larga Sportsnet do not claim to be experts nor seasoned journalists as it just operates out of pure passion and love for horseracing and sports. #LargaNa to the New Normal of Online Sports Storytelling. Be with us.

** Ushering in a new LargaSportsnet.com **

We are transitioning from our old website provider to a new one. For the mean time, we are settling down on a simple website as we can only do the regular Larga Programa as our main content. We still aim to ramp up content over time, hence, we can expect a better and bigger LargaSportsnet.com in the future. #LargaNa